Toileting Aids

Take back your independence when using the toilet. We offer a wide selection of products, including urinals and toilet seats. This gives users more autonomy when using the restroom. These items can be purchased either for yourself or a loved one to secure their safety while they remain at home.

All the listed items are made of strong and reliable materials that ensure their longevity. Browse our full selection of toileting aids below. If you have any queries or concerns, contact us.

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Lite Toilet Seat Frame With Width Adjustable Seat

Lite Height adjustable toilet frame with seat

Shop the Lite height adjustable toilet frame with a seat to support you when sitting down for the toilet and reducing strain.
£43.18 inc VAT £35.98 with VAT relief
Male Urinal

Male Urinal

The one litre Male Urinal is a portable convenient toileting solution for men. Its easy to use handle and snap lid allows for protection against spill.
£12.14 inc VAT £10.12 with VAT relief
Long Neck Male Urinal

Long Neck Male Urinal

This one litre Long Necked Male Urinal provides effective solution for men when toileting. Its useful design allows the user to nap the lid to ensure no spilling.
£9.29 inc VAT £7.74 with VAT relief
Lite Toilet Seat Frame With Width Adjustable Seat size 510mm

Lite Toilet Seat Frame With Width Adjustable Seat size 510mm

This Toilet Seat Frame raises the height of the toilet allows assurance for the user . Its Lite seat is designed with a higher back to provide more seat to the user plus is strong and designed with shorter shine in mind of modern toilets.
£68.74 inc VAT £57.28 with VAT relief
Portable Female Urinal

Portable Female Urinal

Browse the portable urinal for females to provide comfort and security when toileting. Anatomically shaped, the urinal has a convenient design and has additional raised marks to record output for up to 1 litre. Fully machine washable.
£15.73 inc VAT £13.11 with VAT relief
female urinal

Economy Portable Female Urinal

This Economy Portable Female Urinal is shaped to provide an easier solution for women and has a total capacity of 800m
£8.82 inc VAT £7.35 with VAT relief