Household Aids

Our Range of useful Household Aids offers the opportunity for users to gain the indepdence they require in the home and allow them to aid a fully comfortable lifestyle with everyday tasks.

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32" Combi-Reacher

For reducing the need to stretch or bend with additional supported grip with four finger trigger and to enable collection of metal items.
£15.58 inc VAT £12.98 with VAT relief
Bed Rail

2-in-1 Bed Rail

The 2-in-1 Bed Rail is supported under your mattress to assure you for that supportive assistance in getting in and out of bed.
£47.99 inc VAT £39.99 with VAT relief
white grab rail front

Flat End Steel Grab Rail White

This Flat End Steel Grab Rail supports around the home and is additionally coated for durability.
£9.30 inc VAT
Flat end grab rail

Offset Flat End Grab Rail White 305mm

This Offset Flat End Grab Rail is a White streamlined solution with its steel frame it is strong and robust for wall mounting.
£9.74 inc VAT
soft terry cloth sock aid

Soft Terry Cloth Sock Aid

This Soft Cloth Sock Aid helps the user put socks and stockings on. It provides the user with aid it needs to be independent.
£12.08 inc VAT £10.07 with VAT relief
ready reacher main

Ready Reacher Size 26 Inches

The Ready Reacher effectively reduces the need to bend or stretch and with its easy two finger trigger allows ease of use.
£10.86 inc VAT £9.05 with VAT relief
hairwashing tray

Hair Washing Tray

This Hair Washing Tray helps carers wash hair and can be used anywhere for upright cleaning .
£13.94 inc VAT £11.62 with VAT relief
kennedy cup main

Kennedy Cup

The Kennedy Cup allows users to drink easier and with its additional handle allows to be gripped for both hot and cold drinks.
£11.21 inc VAT £9.34 with VAT relief
Plastic Shoe Horn

Plastic Shoe Horn

This Plastic Shoe Horn helps the user put on footwear without bending and painfully stretching .
£7.50 inc VAT £6.25 with VAT relief
Pen Grippers x 3  front

Pen Grippers x 3

This Pack of 3 Pen Grippers allow increase of writing control and can slide on both pens and paper.
£8.97 inc VAT £7.48 with VAT relief