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Comments (0) Simplifying Social Care: Part 3
As part of our series of blogs on simplifying social care, part 3 will look at how to fund your care and support and choosing a care provider.
Comments (0) Simplifying Social Care: Part 2
At ECL Care Solutions we understand that navigating the social care journey is very complex and frequently comes at a difficult, stressful time for families and their loved ones. It is often reassuring to understand the steps of an unfamiliar process. In this second part of a series of blogs covering the different stages of getting support from social care, we will look at the Care or Support Plan and Financial Assessment.
Comments (0) Simplifying Social Care: Part 1
If you or a family member is finding it difficult to cope with daily routines but can still get about in your home and do not want to move into a care home, then a form of care at home could be the answer.
Comments (0) Falls Awareness Week: 20th - 26th September 2021
What can I do to stop a fall? September 20th to 26th 2021 is Falls Awareness Week and we will be presenting a series of blog articles and social media posts to highlight this, give advice and help with a problem that is never just inevitable.