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Amplicomms TV 2510-NL

Amplicomms TV 2510-NL

Wireless amplified hearing system. High quality noise-free sound transmission through inductive neck loop, cuts out background noise when used in conjunction with hearing aids or Cochlea Implant receivers equipped with T function.
£111.65 inc VAT
bellman neckloop

Bellman Inductive Personal Neckloop (Long)

Plug the neck loop into your audio device and switch your hearing instruments to telecoil, or "T", position for clear, powerful hearing amplification.
£26.44 inc VAT
Bellman Maxi Personal Listener

Bellman Maxi Personal Listener

The Bellman Maxi is a personal amplifier listener to enable you to hear the conversation out loud, clear and distinct speech, even when there is a lot going on in the background. Can works with either with or without hearing aids via earphones or neck loop for hearing aids user.
£110.54 inc VAT
minitech personal audio listener

Mini Tech Personal Listener

A personal listener suitable for all audio situations
£103.18 inc VAT